“UTF delivers on the representations that they make. What’s good about UTF is that they won’t waste a seller’s time. Once UTF is involved, they will do everything they can to get that deal closed. When issues do surface, they are creative with respect to working around those issues to get the deal closed.”
Mark Raggio, Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield, Los Angeles

“They have a pattern in how they approach a transaction, and we value the fact that you can count on them for that consistency. Binswanger has done multiple sale-leasebacks with UTF, they have a team approach to what they do, it’s a pleasure working with them.”
Bob Boyle, Senior Vice President, Binswanger

“I think UTF’s ability to make quick decisions is a competitive advantage. They also have the financial resources to be able to provide flexibility when issues arise. They are a very good company to work with”
Ralph Gilbertsen, CBRE, Global Corporate Services

“One of the things I like about them is that they are deal makers, and they are able to make decisions quickly. The sale-leaseback arena is highly competitive. Two factors that set United Trust Fund apart from their competitors are the facts that they are very aggressive and decisive.”
Frank M. Harvey, Director of Real Estate, Stanley Works

“At the end of the day, UTF got the deal done, and we were very pleased with the outcome. This was a positive learning experience for us… they are a very good company”
Steven White, Vice president and CFO, Ajax Tocco Magnethermic

“The major advantage in working with them is that they were very professional. We reached an agreement almost immediately… it was a very smooth transaction”
Alan Steel, Executive Vice President, Point 360

“UTF was very professional and they were responsive when issues came up. The transaction went very smoothly, and it closed exactly on schedule in a very short period of time. I can’t say enogh positive things about how our (sale-leaseback) transaction went.”
Bill Wilson, Executive Vice President of Real Estate, Belk, Inc.

“Our Bank of America team has found the leadership of UTF to be among some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in a highly competitive and specialized business. The greatest strength of UTF is its people. They are well recognized in the field and they conduct themselves with integrity.”
Kim Abreu, Senior Vice President, Bank of America

“UTF is highly specialized in structuring transactions, and they have very strong market knowledge. Those aspects were really what drove us to form a joint venture with UTF over other players in
the market.”
Bill Gregory, GE Real Estate

“UTF was a breath of fresh air in that they were very easy to do business with and very professional. Added to that is the fact that they are extremely competitive in the marketplace. In our eyes they clearly separated themselves from the competition.”
Thimio Sotos, CFO, Jones Apparel Group Inc.

“They are an absolute joy to work with. I have been involved with UTF for about 10 years. Once you have a deal, it’s a deal. That’s a real asset.”
Glenn Parish, Vice President, City National Bank